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Water, an essential life-giving resource is on the verge of depletion. According to World Water Development (UN) report, more than half of the world population is going to face high water scarcity. Globally almost 1.1 billion people lack access to water, according to WWF. One of the reason of water scarcity is poor water management. Non Revenue Water is the water not utilized which lost due to mismanagement, poor metering, corruption, leakages, or theft etc. The conventional water network system are centralized and unidirectional restricting management. The conventional management system is facing low operating efficiency. A new smart water management system is needed for better management meeting the demands efficiently.

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Smart Water Meter.

Automated meters for automatic water flow control shut off system. Accurate data collection increases the reliability while measuring the average and peak demand and reduced leakages.

Prepaid Metering

Regulated consumption as per need for efficient management and increased savings. This facilitates active resource management.

Real-time Consumption Monitoring

Precise consumption analysis to empower the consumer with complete consumption overview. It will enable the distributor to know average consumption of certain areas for accurate decisions.

Effective Pricing Strategy

The pricing mechanism based on the exact data to ensure that pricing based on accurate demand prediction.

Breakdown detection

Real-time detection of breakdowns, leakages, low water pressure levels remotely. Issues like leaks, reverse flow and unusually high water usage, can be diagnosed in real time for efficient management.

Efficient consumption

Reduced wastage and optimized water consumption to save water.

Embedded Artificial Intelligence

In case of water shortage, the system can interact with the consumers and ask them to reduce their consumption with consumption pattern analysis.

Remote Troubleshooting

Check where potential leakage might be from the head office.

Bidirectional Communication

System informs consumer about potential water shortages, over consumption and average consumption of the area.

Efficient water distribution

Distribute the water more efficiently and ensure reliable supply.

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