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A consumer-centric metering solution for smart energy consumption. It’s a modular energy meter powered by the intelligence of Things Go Social (TGS) for efficient energy management. With the remote accessibility of real-time data of power consumption, it provides end-to-end visibility in the energy ecosystem. Our smart meter comes in two variants i.e., prepaid as well as postpaid which provides wireless data transmission of energy data in real-time.
TGS SMART ENERGY METERS helps in the electrical machine condition monitoring through the analysis of electrical signals such as current and voltage. Using techniques like: Current Signature Analysis (CSA), Voltage Signature Analysis (VSA), Extended Park’s Vector Approach (EPVA), Instantaneous Power Signature Analysis (IPSA), among others.
TGS SMART ENERGY METER, capable of two-way communications and two way measurement i.e. with the ability to measure the incoming and outgoing (Import and Export energy) flow of electricity from a specific location such as a customer’s home or business.

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Wireless Communication

The smart meter facilitates wireless communication with the service provider.

Automated Readings

Digital meter readings sent without manual intervention ensuring accurate billing. No more estimated bills, put an end to all the hassles of providing monthly readings.

Blockchain Secured

Secured peer-to-peer transactions to leverage the convenience of cryptocurrencies efficiently and securely.

Real-Time Monitoring

Keep a track of the consumption patterns in real time. Save more and waste less with complete visibility and control over consumption.

Historic Data Analysis

Historic data is analysed with advanced data analytics and AI algorithms to give a clearer picture for long term savings.

Integrated Smart Solution

An integrated smart solution for monitoring and software with mobile applications for the end-user to access the energy information remotely.

Peak-Hour Savings

Get notifications during peak-hours to reduce the consumption increasing the savings in the process.

Prepaid Meters

Pay-as-you-use structure to ensure affordable energy to all with increased control of the consumption.

Carbon Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of the carbon footprint for a safer future with reduced carbon emissions.


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Create your own smart meter with customizable communication modules.

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Seamlessly upgrade to meet your future needs and requirements.

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Get access to real-time data remotely anytime with wireless data transmission.

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Reduce your carbon footprint and save energy with efficient energy utilization..

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