The current factories are nothing but a giant workstation with extensive machines and equipment complicating management and maintenance. The factories today need complete operational visibility and transparency in the supply chain A smart and connected factory with connected machines, and production lines can drive out the inefficiencies affecting the industry. Real-time insights can increase the productivity and efficiency exponentially. A hassle-free integrated factory management solution will help in running huge factory operations effectively. Along with automated production process and energy management to enhance the overall value chain.

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Integrated Operations

Real-time monitoring to streamline all operations. Real-time control of the factory vicinity, resource allocation, scheduling, for optimized resource management and increased asset efficiency.

Real-Time Performance Tracking

Drive operational efficiency with data analysis and performance evaluation of the plant and machines. Complete transparency with real-time monitoring and data aggregation of the machines and factories.

Proactive Management

Identify, isolate, and rectify the faults and anomalies in real-time increasing the productivity, efficiency while reducing the operational expenses and losses.

Predictive Maintenance

Enhance the productivity and multiply profits with increased uptime and reduced downtime while improving the asset efficiency with predictive maintenance. Prevent any shocks of unplanned downtime or unexpected breakdown.

Lean & Green Manufacturing

Minimizing the use of natural resources like energy and raw materials to reduce the emissions and pollution without hampering productivity.

Inter & Intra-Organizational Collaboration

A social collaboration platform globally in order to solve a problem without wasting time thus saving money. Team-integrity on Common Platform with Instant Text Messaging with gallery support over Android Application.

Instant Alerts and Notifications

Instant notifications for any deviation from the customized settings as per personalized needs. Real-time reports about breakdown to diagnose anomalies when they arise for quicker follow ups.

Improved Employee Safety

Achieve maintenance excellence preventing emergencies and overpowering problems. Improved sense of employee ownership.

Automated MIS

Reliable management information with automated readings for complete transparency to pull up numbers anytime.

Self Organizing System

A system with a minimal human intervention, organizing itself in the most efficient way. Automating the PPC to ensure that production is up to full capacity.

Smart factories with IoT and automation can improve the production capacity by 25% with 50% fewer defective products .


An integrated smart solution for smart logistics to connect your assets to intelligence with TGS. TGS is our IoT platform to integrate the assets making the entire supply chain management smart. Manage and control your assets in the supply chain with real-time monitoring optimizing the operations. The lack of transparency in the whole supply chain cycle has been the prime predicament and the root cause of major issues in logistics and cold chain industry leading to the rising problems like theft, adulteration, and the failure of detecting issues arising in the journey. TGS Logistics provides an adept system with absolute visibility for total control of the logistics industry and the cold chain industry. Manage all the parameters like temperature, humidity, energy, air flow, etc with the integrated smart solution to minimize wastage and maximize efficiency. Make your products safer with optimized asset utilization and end-to-visibility of the operations.

Reduce operational costs and increase profitability while making it safer and more secure than ever.

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A smart cityscape for a bright future needs smart mobility.To bring the revolution we aim to bring the solution on a large scale to change the face of mobility completely by bringing a change at the source, at the automobile manufacturing industry.

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We are optimizing logistics with our integrated smart solution. We have developed connected logistics for collaboration, automation, and optimization, making it extreme logistics.

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smart grid

We present our smart grid innovation with bidirectional communication that enables active consumer participation with a more decentralized model of the energy infrastructure in our drive to modernize the power supply chain.

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injection molding

There is a need for high-quality cost-effective mass manufacturing by optimizing the process of injection molding for efficient and smooth processing accelerating production saving time and reducing costs.

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The manufacturing sector is dealing with inefficiencies and increasing costs, hindering its growth and impact on national development. An industrial innovation is needed for cost reduction, to drive the transition of production sites to smart manufacturing.

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hotel management

The disruption of the hotel industry is fueled by our innovation of smart hotels powered by the technologies of IoT and AI. The evolution of an efficient and optimized range of hotels is at full throttle with TGS making the hotels smarter and sustainable.

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