Manufacturing comes with a great responsibility and risk because of lack of transparency with the product and its performance. The product after being manufactured is secluded from the manufacturer which not only affects their services but also their customer relationship. Smart products with embedded intelligence will help in improving the customer relationship by increasing the engagement with the consumers. An engaged customer base is more loyal and profitable. TGS can increase the profitability by gaining customer loyalty built on enhanced customer experience and increased satisfaction.

Switch to smart MANUFACTURING to capitalize PROFITS

Performance & Health Monitoring

Remotely monitor your products anytime. Increase the reliability and efficiency of its operations, to ensure peak performance always. Real-time monitoring of the product’s performance and health even after sales.

Real-Time Energy Monitoring

Making smart energy conserving products to increase savings. Reduce the energy bills and the carbon footprint with Thing Green Score.

Comparative Data Analysis

Actionable data and insights from the comparative data analysis to provide a smart management solution.

Predictive Maintenance

Achieving high reliability in manufacturing and maintenance operations maximizes output, production while minimizing the maintenance cost.

Competitive Advantage

Attract a new customer base demanding intelligent products and increase the customer retention with improved services and reduced failure rates. Provide predictive maintenance and efficient warranty services for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Production Process

Optimizing the pre-sales and the production phase of goods for enhanced customer experience. Improve the product quality and enable quick re-launch with additional features using the insights from the aggregated data.

Goodwill Boost

Enhance the services offered and increase customer satisfaction for customer loyalty and goodwill boost. Offer your efficient customer services with customer behavior analysis and ensure optimum product quality for a positive company image.

Reduced R&D

Reduced time-to-market and R&D costs with post-sales monitoring. Ensure the product quality and enhance the R&D quality with a comparably little investment. Testing phase expanded to the complete lifecycle of the product with actionable data insights.

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A smart cityscape for a bright future needs smart mobility.To bring the revolution we aim to bring the solution on a large scale to change the face of mobility completely by bringing a change at the source, at the automobile manufacturing industry.

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We are optimizing logistics with our integrated smart solution. We have developed connected logistics for collaboration, automation, and optimization, making it extreme logistics.

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smart grid

We present our smart grid innovation with bidirectional communication that enables active consumer participation with a more decentralized model of the energy infrastructure in our drive to modernize the power supply chain.

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injection molding

There is a need for high-quality cost-effective mass manufacturing by optimizing the process of injection molding for efficient and smooth processing accelerating production saving time and reducing costs.

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The manufacturing sector is dealing with inefficiencies and increasing costs, hindering its growth and impact on national development. An industrial innovation is needed for cost reduction, to drive the transition of production sites to smart manufacturing.

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hotel management

The disruption of the hotel industry is fueled by our innovation of smart hotels powered by the technologies of IoT and AI. The evolution of an efficient and optimized range of hotels is at full throttle with TGS making the hotels smarter and sustainable.

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