The lack of transparency in the whole supply chain cycle has been the prime predicament and the root cause of major issues in logistics and cold chain industry leading to the rising problems like theft, adulteration, and the failure of detecting issues arising in the journey. TGS Logistics provides an adept system with absolute visibility for total control of the logistics industry and the cold chain industry. Manage all the parameters like temperature, humidity, energy, air flow, etc with the integrated smart solution to minimize wastage and maximize efficiency. Make your products safer with optimized asset utilization and end-to-visibility of the operations.

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Smart Tags

Keep a track of the goods’ information like manufacturing date and expiry date all at one place for easy maintenance.

Fleet Management

Control and manage your complete fleet by integrating it at one place in real-time from anywhere and at anytime. Monitor and manage the fleet telematics, location, vehicle health, and driving analysis and temperature eliminating risks.

Efficient Process Scheduling

Efficient production planning and responsibility distribution based on real-time diagnostics and historic data analysis.

Inventory management

Optimized management for increased customer satisfaction with timely delivery meeting the demand. Reduce losses by preventing overstock and understock issues while ensuring security.

Smart Consignment Management

Digital logs of distribution and supply activities with end-to-end visibility for efficient supply chain management. End-to-end transparency with real-time tracking and tracing of the consignment while ensuring its safety and timely delivery.

Operational optimization

An integrated system provides efficiency to all the disjointed segments of logistics increasing overall operational efficiency.

Real-Time Location Tracking

Know the whereabouts of the assets and the freight in real-time from anywhere and at any time. Follow the cargo and assets 24*7 from anywhere giving the logistics complete visibility.

Smart Warehouse

Monitor and control the warehouses in real-time remotely while automating its operations with the control panel and customized alerts. Control its temperature and energy consumption with real-time monitoring along with customized notifications.

Safety Contract

Ensure the safety of goods in real-time with smart locks. A smart safety contract with real-time monitoring the goods and assets to prevent theft, adulteration, tampering or any other damage in their way ensuring end-to-end security.

Route Optimization

The time to delivery can be reduced by optimizing the route thereby reducing the carbon emission and fuel consumption.

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A smart cityscape for a bright future needs smart mobility.To bring the revolution we aim to bring the solution on a large scale to change the face of mobility completely by bringing a change at the source, at the automobile manufacturing industry.

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We are optimizing logistics with our integrated smart solution. We have developed connected logistics for collaboration, automation, and optimization, making it extreme logistics.

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smart grid

We present our smart grid innovation with bidirectional communication that enables active consumer participation with a more decentralized model of the energy infrastructure in our drive to modernize the power supply chain.

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injection molding

There is a need for high-quality cost-effective mass manufacturing by optimizing the process of injection molding for efficient and smooth processing accelerating production saving time and reducing costs.

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The manufacturing sector is dealing with inefficiencies and increasing costs, hindering its growth and impact on national development. An industrial innovation is needed for cost reduction, to drive the transition of production sites to smart manufacturing.

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hotel management

The disruption of the hotel industry is fueled by our innovation of smart hotels powered by the technologies of IoT and AI. The evolution of an efficient and optimized range of hotels is at full throttle with TGS making the hotels smarter and sustainable.

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