Transform your homes and its operations. Switch to one-touch control to control anything and everything from anywhere at any time using the web console. Rest assured of the security of your homes wherever you go.

Make your own solution
You know your needs more than anyone else and thus, TGS provides customized comfort for all your needs. Make your own solution as per your needs and comfort because there is no one-size-fits-all.

Plug-and-Play Intelligence
TGS offers Plug-and-Play installation making it easier for anyone to upgrade to intelligence in a click. Our wireless solution makes scalability a cakewalk.

One-Stop Shop
Instead of puzzling you with an army of solutions we empower you with one integrated solution for all your automation needs. TGS is an interoperable solution making it easy to automate the existing buildings with different systems in place.

Innovation that fits every budget
Is cost the constant constraint that is stopping you to make your homes smart? Are you keeping your desire to live in an intelligent home aside because of its skyrocketing expense? Stop no more for we've got you covered.

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