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The world over, evidence is growing that green buildings bring multiple benefits. They provide some of the most effective means to achieving a range of global goals, such as addressing climate change, creating sustainable and thriving communities, and driving economic growth.Highlighting these benefits, and facilitating a growing evidence base for proving them, is at the heart of what we do as an organisation.what we do as an organisation.The benefits of green buildings can be grouped within three categories: environmental, economic and social. Here, we provide a range of facts and statistics from various third-party sources that present these benefits.

In The Era of Global Warming, take a Step towards GREEN BUILDINGS and Contribute towards ENVIRONMENT

Electricity comsumption Monitering

One stop solution to monitor your everyday energy consumptions. Monitor and keep a real time check on your energy usage and various other parameters related to it.

Controlling and Reducing energy consumption

Manage energy consumption by various assets and equipments as well as through judicious analytical calculations, extract maximum efficiency from your daily consumption needs, developing a more effective energy management system.

Tracking Carbon Emission

Monitor and manage the common areas of building like swimming pools, gardens, basements, parking areas, etc for increased efficiency and easier maintenance.

Generate equivalent Carbon Sink

Generating carbon sink equivalent to the amount of CO2 released in the atmosphere. Monitoring the amount of released CO2 will help in analysing the required level of sink to amalgamate it.

Green Belt

Developing certain amount of green belt in and around the premises ensuring that sufficient amount of greenery is present for photosynthesising equivalent amount of CO2 and reducing the carbon content in the atmosphere.

Carbon Neutral

Equalising the amount of carbon dioxide emitted and consumed, a net neutrality could be maintained, checking and reducing the damage brought by each of the contributors towards Global warming

Green Building

A zero carbon footprint would entrust your premises as an energy efficient, green environmental friendly property, uplifting the quality of living as well as promoting towards a greener, sustainable and better future for all.

Operate your Infrastructure using TGS Smart Energy Audity System and make your infrastructure Smart by maximising the energy efficiency

Stepping into a carbon free infrastructure is what we strive for.

0 - 200 score : Certificate of Energy Awareness

This certificate ensures that you are aware about efficiency in Energy Consumption. And have taken a step towards Energy Savings.

200 - 400 score : Certificate of Energy Saving

Certification to convey that you have started energy savings and are taking proper initiatives to look after reducing your energy consumption, also have started contributing towards environment and society.

400 - 600 score : Certification of Energy Efficiency

After successful initial savings in your Energy consumption, this certificate ensures that you are independently working with an Energy Efficient Infrastructure and are actively contributing towards sustainable Society.

600 - 800 score : Certification of Carbon Neutral Organisation - Green Building

With our auditing and monitoring system, ensuring proper green belt around your premises, you can build a carbon neutral infrastructure so that you do consume the amount of carbon emitted by you. This will show your activism towards Green Environment with a Green Building Certificate.

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A smart cityscape for a bright future needs smart mobility.To bring the revolution we aim to bring the solution on a large scale to change the face of mobility completely by bringing a change at the source, at the automobile manufacturing industry.

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We are optimizing logistics with our integrated smart solution. We have developed connected logistics for collaboration, automation, and optimization, making it extreme logistics.

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smart grid

We present our smart grid innovation with bidirectional communication that enables active consumer participation with a more decentralized model of the energy infrastructure in our drive to modernize the power supply chain.

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injection molding

There is a need for high-quality cost-effective mass manufacturing by optimizing the process of injection molding for efficient and smooth processing accelerating production saving time and reducing costs.

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The manufacturing sector is dealing with inefficiencies and increasing costs, hindering its growth and impact on national development. An industrial innovation is needed for cost reduction, to drive the transition of production sites to smart manufacturing.

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hotel management

The disruption of the hotel industry is fueled by our innovation of smart hotels powered by the technologies of IoT and AI. The evolution of an efficient and optimized range of hotels is at full throttle with TGS making the hotels smarter and sustainable.

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